About Us

John Spear – Bespoke Bridle & Leatherwork.


The idea is to make the best bespoke leatherwork to the highest standards, using only the very best materials sourced locally. British bridle leather, tanned in Yorkshire. Stainless Steel and brass fittings, cast or forged in the UK.

Using the best materials and by hand stitching all my work, makes for the strongest and best wearing bridles and head collars you can buy. That if looked after and treated with care will last a life time.

Working with the customer to create the best possible bespoke solution, that fits to perfection.
Be that to the horse, rider, dog or yacht is what i aim for.
Every piece is made to order to measurements taken for that job.

Some of the products I can provide:

  • Horse Bridles, Reins, Saddle Bags.
  • Nose Bands, Brow bands.
  • Head collars, Stirrup Leathers
  • Yacht wheels, Boat wheels.
  • Chafe Protection, Storage.
  • Box work, Knife Cases,  Leather Boxes.
  • Diary Covers, Belts,  Dog Collars.
  • Sheaths, Leatherman Cases.